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A Brief History of Ultimate Frisbee

Mason Bird

College student Mason Bird majors in cybersecurity. Possessing a long track record of sports involvement, Mason Bird stays active in his free time by playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee started gaining popularity after it was introduced by high school student Joel Silver in 1968. Silver had learned the game, originally called Frisbee Football, in 1967 while at summer camp. As a joke, he suggested that the student council of his high school start a team. Although the motion was passed, any talk of actually creating a team was largely written off during the school year. Eventually, Silver and other members of the student council and school newspaper organized a game during lunch, and Ultimate Frisbee was born.
The following year, the team got a bit more organized and began playing games in the parking lot. Goal lines were either stacks of the players' coats or other lines that the teams created. Together with Jon Hines and Buzzy Hellring, Joel Silver wrote out official sets of rules in 1970, and those rules were followed during the first interscholastic game later that year. As time went on, Ultimate Frisbee moved through various schools and colleges as the original players graduated from high school. Rutgers and Princeton competed in a game in 1972, and the National Collegiate Championships were organized in 1975. The game today remains more or less the same as its past versions.

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