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A Brief Introduction to the Game of Ultimate Frisbee

A political science major, Mason Bird also considers himself a student of history and antiquity with an interest in current and ancient history. In his spare time, Mason Bird enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, a non-contact sport enjoyed by people around the world.

Combining the best features of basketball, soccer, netball, and American football, Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced, demanding game that requires sharp throwing skills and exceptional agility and stamina. The sport uses an outdoor rectangular patch as a playing field, with basic play consisting of two teams passing a flying disc from one another to reach the one of the two end zones. The end zones serve as the goal-scoring area, much like in American football.

Players with the disc must successfully pass the disc to a teammate to remain in possession of it. Possession changes if the disc hits the ground, is intercepted by an opposing team player, or if a receiving player catches it outside the playing area. The team not in possession of the disc acts as the defending team and attempts to stop the flying disc from reaching the end zone by intercepting passes, similar to soccer or basketball. However, players are forbidden from touching one another, and any contact made may be called a foul.

Developed by Lafayette College graduate Joel Silver in 1968, Ultimate Frisbee was founded on a strong code of ethics and sportsmanship, referred to as the Spirit of the Game (SOTG) by players, that emphasizes the importance of accountability by all players and an intolerance of unfair play. The game is also recognized by several international sports committees, such as the International World Games Association, the Australian Sports Commission, and the UK Sports Council.


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