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Look Up Lodge Offers Christian-Themed Summer Camp

Mason Bird

Currently an undergraduate political science major, Mason Bird is a former National Honor Society president and Upward Sports youth coach. From 2010-2012, Mason Bird worked as a counselor at Look Up Lodge in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, where he oversaw camper activities.

Look Up Lodge is a Christian summer camp that hosts more than 200 church groups each summer. The camp incorporates spiritual growth into the daily routine of camp life, from chapel services to games and other activities. The children and teenagers are guided through the process of deepening their relationship with God and increasing their level of ministry to their community.
Designed especially for youth, camp programs are culturally relevant and delivered in an engaging fashion. Camps for rising third to sixth graders are three nights long, while seventh to twelfth graders stay for five nights. Enjoying the fellowship and beautiful lake ide camp, approximately four in five campers return for more summer fun at Look Up Lodge the following year.

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