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Tips for Writing a National Honor Society Essay

Mason Bird

With a track record of academic success, Mason Bird is currently studying cybersecurity in college. In addition to completing several Advanced Placement courses in high school, Mason Bird was inducted into the National Honor Society and served as the president of the organization from 2011 to 2012.
When crafting an essay as part of the application for the National Honor Society, be sure to present your best self by brainstorming and creating a list of key points. Find ways to demonstrate that you are intelligent, disciplined, and ready to perform well in Advanced Placement or college-level courses.
Aside from a high grade point average, service and leadership are two key criteria for admittance. Remember to list any service organizations you are involved in, whether they are related to school or the community. Also, highlight any leadership positions that you have held in any type of organization.
After creating a list of key points, you can compose your first draft. Next, pass it around to people you trust to get their feedback. Finally, incorporate all the advice into a polished final draft.                             
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