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Why Study Latin?

Mason Bird

An undergraduate considering a career in law, Mason Bird enjoys learning about ancient history and studies Latin. Mason Bird’s reasoning for studying Latin is that it is helpful in aiding in the understanding many other languages.

Since approximately 65 percent of English words are Latin in origin, learning Latin can even assist native English speakers. Learning Latin can help students improve in the area of English grammar. Many of the grammatical rules of modern English are deeply rooted in the Latin language. Knowledge of Latin words and grammar can lead to increased SAT scores, because those familiar with Latin can often guess the meanings of uncommon words through their familiarity with Latin root words.

Students of medicine and law also stand to benefit from learning Latin, as many of the technical terms of those fields are directly taken from the Latin language.

For those interested in ancient history, fluency in Latin can allow for further learning because it allows the scholar to read ancient literature created by the Romans. Many works of English literature and governmental concepts spring from Latin literary roots.


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